Optimizing Health & Longevity Through Nutrition

Overwhelmed by the jungle of contradicting nutrition information you find while doing research?  Diagnosed with a new medical condition and don’t know what to eat to optimize your health?  Tired of struggling with a chronic condition despite taking numerous medications?  Wonder what possible remedy nutrition science has to offer for a condition or symptom you have?

Skillful Eating is the professional practice of Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator Chantal Gariepy.  Skillful Eating helps clients achieve optimal health and longevity through the tremendous power found at the end of their fork.  Through one-on-one counseling, group nutrition classes, and workshops, Chantal acts as a health ally and personal nutrition coach to create a unique and strategic plan in line with your health goals.

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Skillful Eating provides wisdom filled, tailored, and science-based nutrition counseling to empower you towards your health goals.

Skillful Eating offers customized corporate wellness programs to inspire, engage, motivate and educate employees.

Skillful Eating offers enriching and supportive classes, exploring the power of food and fasting in preventing, treating, and possibly reversing disease states. 

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"I was diagnosed with anemia, amongst other issues. My doctor prescribed iron supplements which upset my stomach terribly. I decided to make an appointment with Chantal to see what I could do food-wise to improve my situation. And I'm very glad I did. It was by far the best medical experience I've ever had in my entire life!"
Santa Barbara

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